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Finding the Medium: A Society with Weight Issues

By E.L.W., Glen Allen, VA

The sad thing is, beauty isn't defined by ourselves anymore. It's defined by the media. We constantly have images of what "beauty is" being shoved in our faces -- a tall woman, very slender, with unrealistic hair that seems to never go gray, and not a blemish on the face. Someone with an unnatural tan that somehow looks as though it were obtained through months surfing at the beach, but was really just an artificial spray of chemicals. This woman has beautiful eyes, probably blue or brown, with elongated, seductive eyelashes. She wears the latest fashions, though in reality the clothes these women wear are uber high end and unaffordable for most incomes. And yet, these women are the ones that stare at us from commercials, movies, billboards, reputable magazines and tabloid rags alike, and the internet.

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