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The Blood Tie (another little tidbit)!

By Nivarakay, Lillington, NC

The beginning of another year and I’ve almost completely forgotten the smell that changed my life so many years ago. After teaching a multi language class for tourist tromping through Europe, I met a man who offered me a job teaching foreign studies, to college students, in California. Of course, I turned him down, until I ran into a sight that was much too much for me to handle. I had been around tourists all day, and normally would have been ok, had it not been for the tinge of blood that filled the hot and stuffy room. One of the Americans had fallen previously on a hike and was bandaged poorly. The smell of the blood made my throat ache as if it were closing up. The heat intensified the odor until the desire of the blood was so tempting, I had to lean over to the window for some fresh air. I was more than pleased when I noticed that the class was ending and that I only had one group left.

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