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She thought, he thought

By Homeschoolerevangeline, BUKIT BERUANG. MELAKA, Malaysia

The evening was calm, the beach a beautiful place lighted up by the evening sun. It was almost deserted, most people would be inside their chalets eating dinner.

She stood at the water edge, the water splashing against her ankles. Her face had a far-away look. She was thinking and lost to the world. She thought for the hundredth time, why did I do it? Why? It was my fault. I hurt him. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have done that. At first she had a lot reasons to do it, but now the reasons seemed like excuses. He was older than her, living in another country, and did not share the same religion. At first those reasons seemed valid and strong. Now? Now they were useless. She regretted hundreds of times. She remembered seeing him just now. Having fun, looking happy. Was his life better off without her?

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