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The Diary of Laurena Jameson

By Katie R., Fort Plain, NY

July 12, 1773
Dear Diary,

This is the first time that I've written in this journal. So, I would like to introduce myself. I know that sounds silly, but what if someone in the future reads this journal; I'm sure they would like to know who they're reading about. Well, my name is Laurena Jameson. I'll be fourteen next month.

My mother is starting her first day as manager of the village bank. She's the only woman banker in all of the ports of England. She brought me up to be a strong young lady. She thought a young lady should keep her records of life in a journal. So, she gave me this journal for Christmas. She said that one day, when I'm married and I have little darlings of my own, I'll be able to look back at this journal and see how much I've grown into a stately, well-behaved lady.

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