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Technology: Hurting or Helping Us?

By missxniss, East Meadow, NY

Howdy! Most of you who read my articles are of the teenage generation right now. But, I'm sure you all know about the 1950s, right? Everything was easier. Women were 99% of the time housewives with children. They cooked for their husbands. Men worked. Came home at night to dinner. Sat at the table and discussed popular news with their children and wife. You'd watch TV at night with the family in black and white. Kids would go out after school or on the weekends and play baseball with their friends. Life was easy and basically handed to them for the most part. Nowadays, technology has taken over. You've got game systems galore, computers, MP3 players (Apple products), big screen TVs. You name it, the world has it. Now TVs are okay. MP3 players, such as iPods, iPod touches, I can deal with. I'm a big lover of music.

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