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Our Corrupted Generation

By WriterA.M., Denver, CO

What do you hear hear when you turn on the radio or put a CD in a player? What do you see when you turn on the television, pop in a DVD, or Blue-ray disc? What do you read when you turn the pages of a magazine, or scroll down web pages? What do you hear when you listen to the way your peers talk?
Most kids may not think much of it, but our way of life as teens seems to be prophesied for us by something known as the Media. TV shows or songs say that sex is great and you'll have kids doing it. Television shows and movies glamorize drug use and you'll see kids lighting up joints in-between classes. Songs rap, scream, or dare I say, actually sing violent lyrics out and the listeners start to feel more aggressive.
And who can forget the commonly used f word that we hear both from the speakers of electrical devices and human lips?

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