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By the way... I love you

By mmfdg623, Lyndhurst, NJ

On my lips are words I'm too afraid to say.
My mind is filled with them.
It often seems to be all I can think about.
Those four little words
That can mean so much or so little.
Am I just supposed to blurt them out?
Once the words are out there
I can never get them back.
Maybe that’s why I haven’t said them yet.
I’m afraid that once you hear what I have to say,
You’ll go running to the door.
And then what will I do?
These feelings won’t just go away.
So I’m just going to leave things the way they are right now.
It’s not easy, but I can’t risk losing you.
I’m just gunna walk away now and pretend
Like I just want to be friends.
By the way…
I love you.

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