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The Shadow Children Books by Margaret Peterson Haddix

By amachii, schenectady, NY

Wow. The Shadow Children books were introduced to me by a teacher. I wasn’t so sure that I would like them, and then I got halfway into Among the Hidden. I couldn’t put it down!!

It’s about a futuristic community that recently suffered of famines. They made up a law that says parents are only aloud two children, and any third child, or shadow child, found by the Population Police will be killed, along with anyone associated with them. So, obviously, that’s something you keep secret.

The seven books follow different characters, who all connect somewhere along the way. Luke, Nina, Percy, Matthias, Trey and Jen (am I missing any? I haven’t read the books in a while. If so, please tell me.) are all third children. Most of them have absolutely no idea who the next one is, but they all have something in common: they live every day on the border of life and death.

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