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Lex Program In Japan This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Andrew C., Brooklyn, NY

   I spent one month in Japan with the LEX Exchange program this past summer. Japan contrasted strongly with other countries I have visited. I've spent most of my time in underdeveloped countries where for twenty dollars you could live like royalty. In Japan, twenty dollars won't even buy a decent meal.

I was excited to live with a Japanese family, having all my needs seen to, and being taken by the hand to explore the mysterious country that seemed forbidding to me. Notwithstanding their protests to the contrary, nearly everyone speaks at least a smattering of English.

The food was excellent. Usually I was not sure what I was popping in my mouth, but it was generally good. The food is always aesthetically pleasing. It is meant to be appreciated by the eyes, as in America it should be to the nose.

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