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The Stalker

By Katiebug98, Boise, ID

I glanced back again. Yup, he was still following me. The walk from school to my mom's uptown office wasn't very long, but this guy- this creepy, dark-haired, scraggly guy-was making it seem endless. He had been following about 20 feet behin me the entire time. I didn't know what he wanted, or if he just happened to be going the same way as me, but he was certainly freaking me out. The guy was dressed in all black and had on dark sunglasses. He looked oddly familar, but I couldn't place it.

To make matters worse, the one thing I couldn't get out of my head seemed to get even worse when I looked at this guy. It was Jason and I's 2 year anniversery of dating. He was in school today, but he didn't even look at me, much less say something like, oh, I don't know.

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