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The Black House

By Katiebug98, Boise, ID

If you were president, would you spend 80.9 BILLION DOLLARS on ROADS, BRIDGES, and RAIL SYSTEMS??!! No? Well, then YOU should be president, not Barack Obama.Because that's exactly what he did. No, I'm not kidding.

Oh, and guess what else is going on in the White House? Answer: weekly parties. No, seriously, there's a big fat bash every single week at the White House. WEEKLY. Yeah, being president should be fun, but you're cutting into our tax money, man!

And I don't even want to get started about Obama's 'health care plan'. Basically, it sounds to me like he's trying to steal all our money for those stupid White House parties, not keep us healthy.

If I could say one thing to Mr. President, I would tell him that Hitler was a lot worse than him. And THAT, in NO country, in NO culture, in NO language, in NO way, is a compliment.

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