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Missing Something

By amberlynn.zero, pleasant valley, IA

I'm not sure what life truly is. Every time I try to think of life, I find a blank wall built up inside my mind. Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing something, you know? Maybe God forgot to put in that last piece that completes me. Maybe that blurry wall was meant to be there. I have decided that the barrier must be there for a reason, but I can't help but wonder if other people feel that wall, too. Do they have the same frustrations as me? Or is this blank wall unique to me? I often find myself trying really, really hard to list things that life could be. Sometimes I get confused, though. Is life made of feeling and thinking, or is it made up of touching and breathing, you know, stuff like that? Are the parts of life big or small, are there a few or several? I wish I knew for certain. Recently, I decided that I am going to make up my own version of life.

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