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Italian Liberation This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Oelania P, Brooklyn, NY

   Mydedication to the violin takes me places; this year I will go to Austria andGermany. My recent trip to Italy with the Youth Symphony of Kansas City, however,was the most life-changing and amazing excursion so far.

The ten days Itoured Italy were full of more information and fun than the entire school year. Ilearned Italian boys are not the only interesting things in the streets of Italy,and discovered no one knows music better than Italians. I walked streets far fromhome, but this experience also made me keep my head high with pride for my owncountry.

The streets of Italy looked exactly like paintings I had seen.The churches and waterways were so unbelievably beautiful I could barely listento the tour guide as she explained the story of St. Catherine and her missinghead. I thought looking at ancient artifacts in a museum added to myunderstanding of history, but being surrounded by millions of dollars worth of"stuff" cannot compare to walking on streets where saints and kingsonce strolled, not to mention tasting water from a spa where Mussolini oncedrank.

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