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Something Blue

By greeny7, Chatham, Canada

She paced up and down the hallway, her hands on her head, shaking nervously.

“Don’t touch your hair!” her mother yelled.
She quickly brought her hands down to her sides.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” she muttered.
A lady I did not know grabbed her by the shoulders.

“You can, I haven’t been so sure of someone else’s success in my life! Do it for love, Nat, you owe it that much,” she screamed.
I stood there in trepidation. I had never seen my Aunt Natalia so nervous before, she was always so sure of herself, but today she was a basketful of nerves. I couldn’t blame her though, this was an event neither her nor anyone else would ever forget, and it was going to mark the rest of her life. There was so much pressure on her, to make sure she did and said everything right.

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