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The Ride Of Your Dreams Part 1

By greeny7, Chatham, Canada

It was a cold, dark night. The rough wind slapped my frozen face. I was wearing my favourite pair of jeans and a big fuzzy winter coat. I looked over at my cousin Kassie who handed over a pair of gloves; in return I handed over an elastic so she could tie back her curly blonde hair. There were plastic lit ghosts and pumpkins hanging from the corners of the tent where we had to buy tickets. An old lady with her top two teeth missing and dressed up like a colourful gypsy was the one selling them.
“2 tickets please” asked Kassie as she handed over a twenty dollar bill.
Without speaking the old lady nodded her head and pointed a long dirty nail to the beginning of the line. We leaned against the rough rope, just as we faintly heard lighting in the distance. Some low instrumental music was playing, the gloomy sky was filled with gray clouds, and it became darker and darker as every minute ticked by.

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