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Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Michelle C., Brooklyn, NY

   Hey!! Hold it!! No, I'm not writing a review of the movie that...well...changed movie history. I'm talking about one of the best new Saturday morning cartoons around. It's total laughs from beginning to end. The characters are a total riot!

The cartoon is about Dr. Putrid T. Gangrene (cool name, huh?). He's a mad scientist who is trying to take over the city of San Zucchini with a bunch of talking killer tomatoes, some weird ideas and a surfer sidekick named Igor (really original, let me tell ya!!).

Dr. Gangrene has some enemies though. (Did you actually think he would get away with it?) The all-time hero of the show, Chad, is a teen-ager who, by the looks of it, has the brain of Einstein. Uncle Wilbur, Chad's uncle, is a veteran of the "Great Tomato War," so he thinks he knows it all, but he is sadly mistaken.

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