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The Pictures I Take This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Katelyn B., Brooklyn, NY

     As an aspiring photographer, I tend to look at things differentlythan most. But I, too, have taken for granted what I see every day.

The “leafpeepers,” as we call them, are usually older couples who appear in our town in lateSeptember. They are recognized by their earth-toned clothing and camera bags, which go hand-in-handwith the look of curiosity and contentment that come from the fall foliage. Most arrive to visitfamily, or for a quick getaway to see the colors of the trees and smell the autumn air of Vermont.We all have seen the enormous coaches towering over our little cars on Main Street.

Bennington seems to come to life between the end of summer and the first snowfall for manyreasons: its history, the small businesses where friendly people are eager to help, and theastonishing views of the mountains that you can see from almost anywhere in town.

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