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What I Am Not

By HurtTiger, jacksonville, FL

I am not buleimic. I am not anorexic. But i am not happy enough with myself. I do not have the best body to me, but to everyone else, it's gorgeous. Though there are days when i look in the mirror and all i see is beauty. Others i think i could look better. I am a size 3/4 and others think i am smaller, but i don't know why i'm acting so petty with my body.

One day in AP World, one of my friends who sits next to me (she's a sophomore) said "Gurl, how much do you weigh?" i already knew she was about to tell me how small i am because she and the girl behind her talk about it almost every day. She is a little thick with jealously big breasts. The girl behind her is hecka tall with a regular shape. I, on the other hand, also have kind of big breasts for my size.

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