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Eyes to See

By Shirley_R_K, Liberty, SC

Remembering the event of past,
Resignation sat in, but it would not last.
My ten-year-old frame shook with emotion,
As my love of her was laden with devotion.
For she was my mentor, my friend, my Gram.

The ring ring of the phone, was the signal most dreaded.
The one I loved was gone, I realized, so dejected
In my heart, in my soul, I knew what was true.
My reaction then was so common to do.
Audible was the sign of my pain,
Through gasping sobs that did not wane.

I needed to get away--
Away from the assurances that it was okay.
Out from under the concerned eyes' gaze.
I was unable to accept the truth, trapped, in a daze.

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