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Inconvenient Memories

By makemeloislane, San Jose, CA

You can’t keep doing this to her.
She’s gotten to the point where she still looks for you in a crowd.
You shouldn’t tease her with your half-smiles, the ones that hit her in the heart, the ones that release the sandbags, and let her hope.
You can see she’s trying.
Her attempts to appear happy will never fool you.
You can tell she’s cold without you, that she takes every touch you give her and hides them away for later.
Your eyes have never stopped loving her, your mind clicking sickeningly, thinking up ways to fool her.
People can tell your lives have both been emptied immensely, both your hearts have gotten smaller.
She no longer smiles unless it’s for him.
He still clings to her as a friend.
A friend that will always be more, without the knowledge it is.

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