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My Hero, the Phony.

By emilyj93, Naperville, IL

Michael Jordan once fondly commented on basketball in an interview explaining that “Even when I’m old and grey and can’t play it, I’ll still love the game”. Jordan is just one of the sports-gods in American history who have held an undying passion for their livelihoods. This passion is fed with love and embraced when an individual can find happiness simply through playing the game. While I admire this ability to love a sport so dearly, I cannot relate. Tennis has consumed my life for eleven years and counting, and each time I step onto a court I feel an overwhelming sense of grief which even winning cannot remedy. I am not passionate about tennis; however I find it intriguing to excel in a field where there is no love or passion to be used as a motivator. In sports history one man has spoken out against the sport which gave him his name.

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