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The Not-So-Promising Possible Future This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By NoRulesJustWrite, Ada, MI

No idea about what's going on,
They think the capital of Mexico's Iran.
They probably couldn't tell you who their governor is,
They're too busy worrying about if their soda has enough fizz.
The most important thing on their minds
Is their next shopping trip, and the sales they'll find.
They're only into “going green” because it's “in,”
And because there are cute clothes that say, “Not Recycling Is a Sin.”

But they are blind to the world that surrounds them,
And they allow others to form opinions for them.

Has thinking for oneself become obsolete?
Is it now un-cool to be smart?
Are clones of brainless celebrities what you want to see?

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