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Puzzle Pieces

By loveandmusic, South Plainfield, NJ

My name is Georgia, I’m fifteen years old, and I’m desperately in love with my best friend, Ben. But I guess I can’t call myself different from thousands of other girls out there. How many teenagers must go to sleep at night pining away for someone with whom they play football and video games on the weekend?
At least for some of those girls, their best friend returns the interest. But for all I know, Ben is head over heels for the hair-flipping, pom-pom waving cheerleader clones that fill our school. I wouldn’t know – I’ve never had the courage to ask who he likes.
We do walk to school every morning together, though, the way we have since middle school. We've been friends long before that, spending countless hours as children doing jigsaw puzzles together, but it wasn't until sixth grade that our parents trusted us enough to walk to school alone.

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