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Love Bites.

By Lovestonedloser, Orlando, FL

Sweat poured from both our faces; perspiration flowing from our pores like a waterfall. Dripping onto the floor in a synchronized action with tears and blood.
The room is silent except of my piercing shrieks of agony.
The room was dark, only light of his searing eyes was the illumination I seen. For a minute the world stopped and his eyes spoke to me. They said No Sam, I don’t want to do this to you or like doing it, I’m so sorry, forgive me’ but then I was snapped out by the sharp and rising pain in my throat. I cried out and felt his hand cover my mouth.
“Shut up!” he snapped bringing his mouth away from my throat “the neighbors will hear!” I felt tears slip down my cheeks as he brought his mouth back to my throat and the pains continued.
After a few moments I was so numb with pain that I didn’t even feel him stop.

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