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Love Waits.

By Lovestonedloser, Orlando, FL

Silence hangs over the atmosphere as the gentle breathing playing like a symphony.
The two adolescent teens lay on a large bed with white lace sheets, they felt sleek and smooth against her skin, and reminded him of her. Light baby blue pillows that reminded her of his eyes, and reminded him of the shirt she wore when he first saw her.
They lay in a passionate embrace, arms wound around each other so tight that the air between them would be suffocated.
He moved his mouth from his and pressed them down her jaw, her neck to her collar bone. She bit down on her lower lip softly as he continued to repeat this action.
Her teenage hormones were getting the best of her, she felt the burning desire deep in her throat, she felt the need to have his broad figure combine with hers, she felt as if the planets would align right if this happened…this was the night.

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