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Haunted Memories

By RnW13, Pulaski, TN

Haunted Memories
Pain. Hurt. Anger. Hate. Betrayal.
Dismay. Despise. Deceit.
The blood trickles from the slits on my wrists, just as it drains from my heart.
I can’t believe she would hurt me this way.
I can’t believe she would take away my writing, my inspiration, my one true love.
And with absolutely no remorse?
How could she do this to me?
I never hurt her.
I never started rumors about her.
I’m not even really sure how she could believe I would do that to her.
It hurts so badly.
As if she drove a knife into my heart.
As if she twisted said knife until the look of pain on my stricken features satisfied her pleasure.
I lie here now, wondering how long this pain will last before it finally consumes my soul.

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