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Why Vegetarianism?

By alayapoetgirl, St. Louis, MO

I bet the cows scream inside when the butcher slices her throat. And the turkeys squeal when they are dropped into hot water 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Or how about the male pigs when they are getting their testicles ripped out without painkillers. Not to mention the conditions these animals live under in factories.

So why, why do we do this. Is it for our daily portion of meats, or is it for our own selfish endeavors? Either way it isn’t fair. We take control of living beings with hearts, feelings, and souls. Oh and what about the milk that “strengthens our bones and teeth?” Do we let pigs drink human breast milk? No, we don’t, so why are we drinking the milk that belongs to the calves? All of the questions only lead to one solution, vegetarianism.

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