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By DallysGrrl, Middlesex, NJ

Laughter. When was the last time I heard that? Laughs and giggles and the sounds of happiness.
Happy. The word seems foreign to me. They used to say it all the time. I used to say it.
Solitude is a comforting world. A world of no hate or confusion. It's simple. But, in solitude, you forget how to be happy.
I wish I remembered how to smile. How to laugh, how to just blow things off like I used to.
Luckily, I forgot how to cry. If I had remembered, I would probably never would have been able to live as long as I have. I would have spent all of my few last days crying.
But I have to stop myself. I have to stop myself from thinking about tears. Maybe if I stoppped thinking all together I could be happy again.
They could keep their imperfect society. This room was all I needed.

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