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Untitled - Chapter 1 - Edited

By wordweaver96, Winchester, KY

My fingers crept slowly and quietly across the keys, notes dancing into the air. I saw the crescendo and began to quickly drill more sound out. The melody resonated through the tiny room’s glass walls. Each pitch was perfect and whole as they escaped my grasp. They filled me and–
Suddenly, he I felt him lace his fingers into mine, delicately, one by one until they were intertwined as one. “Oh, Wes, I didn’t hear you come in.” I turned my head to look up into his eyes and smiled. His lips slowly curved up into a tiny grin. “I think you deserve a break,” he said, his grin still widening. He lifted up my fingers on one hand like he was about to twirl me. Wesley led me out the door, then picked me up as we entered the fresh air. He laid me down under the shade of our peach tree.
It was the tree we’d first kissed under, the tree we’d bought together when we first moved into our house, and the same tree we always came to when we were feeling any emotion.

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