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Fire in the Night-1

By iKaye, Lorette, Canada

Her world was consumed by darkness. Without time to think, without time to react. The nightlight she had just been gazing at vanished as a cover fell over the little eyes, cold hands grabbed her and her mind froze. Roughly being picked up she started to tremble with fear, she could feel her captor was moving, but she wasn’t sure where. Finally she found her voice and started screaming. Her captor let her scream for a little while, before throwing her down onto what she recognized was her couch. It had the same leathery feel. Hands grabbed her arms, pinching so tight she stopped screaming and let out a cry.
Being shook painfully hard a mans voice yelled, “Shut-up! If you want to live, you shut-up!”

She tried to be silent, but the pain searing through her arms as he shook her made her whimper.

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