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The Hidden Temple (chapter 3)

By SaraRoxsHerSox, McVeytown, PA

Malonina jumped up from where she had been crouching and ran down the stairs, slipping on the wet floor that her mother had been scrubbing only minutes ago. She ran to the front door and opened it, and ran right into Kalin, Feredella's friend. He reached out a hand to steady her.

“Malonina! Where are you going in such a hurry?” he asked, tugging playfully at her short, loose hair with his free hand.

Malonina ducked from his hand and stepped aside. Her face felt warm, and she hoped she wasn't blushing, but she knew she was. “Oh, Kalin. Sorry! I didn't know you were here. Um. Anyway. Come in!” She ducked her head and stepped back in the house. He followed her into the cool, airy house, a relief from the humid heat of the outdoors.

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