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She's My Best Friend

February 11, 2010

By musiclover114, Woodstock, GA

I sit in my 2nd class with silent tears streaming down my face,I just told my best friend goodbye,forever.She's moving away and her mom says their never coming back.In May almost 5 years ago,she moved here from Bremen,we became best friends very soon.She lived next door and came to my house every day.I cry even harder when i think of all the things we have done together.My teacher looks at me and all the other people crying in the classroom and says"guys,stop crying,you can call her but stop crying in my class and pay attention now!!!!!!!!!!!".I wanted so badly to look at her with tears running down my face and say to her"She's my best friend,don't you understand,i love her more than almost everything,i can't imagine my life without her in it everyday telling me what a b

* our science teacher is.

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