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Back Home for a While

By JessicaScaffidi, Tucson, AZ

Back Home for a While

I miss the sun. It’s not supposed to be cloudy and rainy in Arizona anyway. But even if the clouds parted right now, and those brilliant rays reached down through my window to kiss my cheeks good morning, I would not be satisfied. I miss the grass. I miss running through wet grass during the summer; without shoes, without socks, and without a care in the world. Well, here you can’t walk around barefoot. Not unless you want a sticker form the surplus of cacti you see on every road, stuck in you foot. There is no grass. Only rocks lie on the ground just welcoming you to stub your toe. I miss the cool, dreamy, cotton candy, ocean breeze. The way it felt on my neck while I was riding up the Ferris wheel, hoping to stop at the very top. I miss looking out over the horizon from that Ferris wheel, and seeing nothing but peaceful ocean.

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