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The Old Woman

By Nicole M., Brooklyn, NY

[Title:] Sweet Dreams

I am left standing in the dark with nothing but my jagged breathing to keep me company. I rest my head against the cool stone wall, waiting for it to be over. No, I think bitterly. It will never be over. She will never let me rest, that wretched woman!

She haunts me, cursing me, saying, “ Why should you live? My son is dead.” Every time she says this and I hear it now echoing through the hall.

I shut my eyes tightly as if this somehow will keep her away, keep me safe. It is useless. Her cruel voice enters my mind just like before.

“ I will find you, Isabelle,” It hisses. “ You will die. Until tomorrow… good night.”

My mind burns with her words and I find I can no longer stand. I slide to the floor and weep.

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