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a letter to people magizine

By Jezabel, ricmond, VA

Dear people magazine,

At the end of the year I look forward to reading the special issue. But as always, I know at one point ill feel sick. As I find the page of the fallen soldiers, glancing threw the names I noticed something. There was only one Canadian. That’s not true, so I decided to do research; I looked up Sgt. Darby T. Morin, the man listed under Canada. He lived in Canada, but he served in the USA army, a good man that died way to soon. But more lives had been taken. Maybe if you printed the other numbers people would see that others are dying. This year Australia-4, Belguim-1, Canada-32, Denmark-7, Estonia-4, France-11, Germany-6, Italy-9, Jordan-1, Latvia-2, Lithuania-1, Netherlands-3, Norway-1, Poland-8, Romania-3, Spain-1, Turkey-2, Uk-108. In total this year, 204 have lost their life, including America, 665.

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