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Standing Strong

February 26, 2010

By Morgana, Sloansville, NY

I don’t get it; it’s not enough to just be with me. Nothing is fun without involvement of alcohol and weed. I remember the innocence that once pulsed through every vein in their body. They beheld the curious minds that needed the experience, the unknown of what was to come. But now they experience it every weekend of their lives. I don’t comprehend the naïve understanding they contain for all I hear is “We miss you and never see you anymore” and here I think “I wonder why”. I love them all, and don’t want to go on without them but I’m in the wrong doing for I haven’t said “Stop”. I sit there and watch the events unfold. The laughter expressed and the fun untold. I laugh at the jokes and influence the high, for I’m laughing too and it’s called a natural high. I’m thought of has mom for I take care of all, and wonder what happens when I’m not present for long.

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