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Just A Dream Part II

By jbutterfly10, Bloomsburg, PA

I remember her hair. It was like the sun, a fierce, blazing red…
As I sit cross legged in Labyrinth Cemetery, staring at her tomb, I realized that she's under there… Weird.
Why'd she pick me? That boy who was the total jerk who fell for her… She was so nice.
I remember when I first saw her. She was sitting in the back of History, chatting with her friend Liz. Oh, I had seen her before, I had just never acknowledged her. She was breathtaking. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Carly, my girlfriend, caught me looking at her and snorted.
"Who, that?" She laughed. "That thing is Tabby Olson. Or, Carrot-top. Whichever one you prefer." I jerked my head her way, narrowing my eyes.
"Why do you have to that?" I snapped.

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