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A Step on the Path

By MayaChristine, Stocksfield, United Kingdom

Once upon a time-no, you can’t start a story like mine with once upon a time. Once upon a time is for fairy tales, with happy endings. And there won’t be a happy ending to this story. This is the story of Queens, New York. Otherwise known as a step on the path to America’s hell. My name is Elton Leone, and this is my story.
My parents used o make an effort, when I was still young. They used to do fantastic things with miniscule resources. They’d save up for months, just to make my Christmas special. They’d decorate the whole apartment, and Ma would make us a Christmas dinner while Pops set up the tree. I remember one year we even had a whole turkey! But that was a long time ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, and you could make something from nothing.
Those were the days when Gran was alive.

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