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Too Late to Wish

February 20, 2010

By SBloodClassicAlice, Butler, PA

It was an odd silence in the trailer- one that all inhabitants were used to, for sure, but odd all the same. Maybe it was because there were no other heartbeats near it, and even though there was loud music, there was no beat of another's vein.

It was, indeed, an odd silence. Sure, there were other people- other heartbeats nearby, less than thirty feet away. Less than ten yards. Still, the silence persisted. People know that people aren't supposed to go outside during tornadoes- they're supposed to stay indoors, and keep safe and stuff. But, the silence was stifling.

Then, it made sense. The odd silence was there because there were usually more inhabitants there- but where were they? You were supposed to stay where you were during a tornado- you were supposed to stay in your house during a tornado, not go outside.

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