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Immoral Exceptionalism

March 7, 2010

By kadyladystone, St. Petersburg, FL

Sometimes I wish I weren’t part of the human species, for I am ashamed of what it’s done to the earth, to home. We forget that it is not just for our use, we forget that other innocent animals call this their home as well, and because of this, we forget to share. One of the first things a child learns, whether in home or at school, is how to share. We share with each other, despite differences in skin color, ethnicity, gender, religious belief, age, political affiliation, educational background and more. Why don’t we apply a similar logic to sharing the earth with all of nature’s creatures? Many people would argue that humans don’t have to, that we are here to govern over how the world works. They would also defend the idea that we are exceptional compared to all other species because of our ability to have morals.

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