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Dear Hunter

By justbreathe...., n/a, SC

To Hunter:

I miss you. I miss how we used to all be best friends: you, me and Parker. We were always together, the three of us. But mainly, I miss you. You were my big brother. You took care of me. You made me laugh when I was crying. You always beat me in our sock races around your kitchen. You built the forts in the living room where we watched thousands of Disney movies. I looked up to you, and I wanted to be just like you, My Amazing Cousin Hunter. And I still do even today. I can’t tell you all of the things that I see when I look at you. You are loud and funny and outgoing. You don’t meet a stranger. You are so musically talented. ….

I miss the person you used to be and the person I still sometimes see a glimmer of when you are not too busy putting on a show for all of your dumb friends.

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