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American Idol: Popularity contest or real talent?

March 10, 2010

By nicolesibs25, Manahawkin, NJ

Fraud, No talent, Popularity Contest: This is American Idol! Has a show that has been on for nine seasons subjected themselves to a publicity stunt rather then trying to find true talent? And is that talent in fact true talent or are they receiving the votes due to their growing popularity? Kelly Clarkson, the Idol’s first winner was never in the “bottom three” and I feel was the right choice; she had great talent and won based on it. This contest has enough viewers and should not be contingent on the funny, inadequate singers, but the more talented ones.

In 2007, season six of American Idol took off. Hollywood Week went by, Top 24 was announced, and soon after the Top Ten. During the course of the season Sanjaya Malakar became the most talked about of the Idol contestants, not for his amazing voice, but for his inability to sing and his head of hair.

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