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By Fashionista12121246789900000, good, WI

I’m not scared of her I just don’t want to fight. Fighting is like the last thing I need on my record. I’ve been getting good grades for a whole semester and I’m not screwing that up for nobody. I might just run as soon as I get out. I can hear my heart beating in my head, man I gotta get outta here. I better stop talking to myself before somebody thinks I’m crazy or something. Maybe if she thinks I’m crazy she might leave alone.
Heart beating
Blood pulsing
Head pounding
Me running
Falling down
The screaming starts

I wake up and I’m breathing heavy my hair is damp from sweat; the clock says 3:00am. In, out, in out… I tell myself. Suddenly an object catches my attention; I turned my head to look at my large mirror on the wall closest to my door.

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