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Best Friend Forever or Waste of My Time?

By Nimthiriel, Holland, MI

The rain had pounded against the walls of my elementary school. I’d trudged in with a sigh. The dark, dreary day of 2006 was only reflective of my mood for those past 3rd grade months. My mind wandered back to happier days, days where I played with Bethany constantly on the forever-hated playground, a place of rejection and hard feelings.

Those days consisted of best friendships, without any thought whatsoever about if they would last very long or not. If they were your friend, they had to be your best friend too, or else they were extremely offended. My classmates just generalized that, when we grow up, we would still be friends. BFFs are so rare, and we hadn’t realized that yet.

“Okay, um, I want Emma to go with Cassie, Jenny, you go with Bethany,” She pointed to the platinum-blonde girl standing across from me.

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