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By mkgirl395, Coppell, TX

Momma always loved watching the sky. She said that it was Mother Nature's play on stage, constantly- all you had to do was look up.

I swear that half the time she wasn't even here. On trips to the beach, she lay on her blanket in the sand and stared peacefully at the sky, though she wore no sunglasses. When our family reached the top of a mountain, everyone would take in the panoramic view below; everyone but her.

In the time before she had to go, I would steal glances at her. She was always smiling. There was always a hint of blissful delight in her eyes. Sometimes she laughed this warm, buttery laugh and closed her eyes and let the sunshine seep into her skin. And her gaze never left that sky.

At night, prickly stars twinkled in navy velvet for her.

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