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The Beautiful Path

Tegan D., Strafford, NH By CountryGothic, somersworth, NH

A cool but desperately needed breeze blew through my hair as I walked along the path, sweeping away the vestige of my pain. The giant arms of the wind wrapped around me and held me tight, letting me know that life would be alright. Letting me know that today things are going to get better and that I am not alone, that I never have been alone. My eyes wander around the trail taking in all its entire splendor that so many people just don't notice and appreciate. Numerous oak trees stand up tall watching over the goings on of the path, a roughly three foot wide area made more visible by a series of visits from my feet over the course of this summer.
I watch a little squirrel sneak in and out of the rocks along the edges of the trees. And for once, I don't wish that that creature and I could switch places. Now I feel like when I return home there will be no more wishing for something more than what I already have.

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