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Brooke M., Ashville, OH By bcookie, Ashville, OH

At night, a closet can envelope you in a black abyss. You take your familiar place at the very back, where you draw your knees to your chest; after gently shutting the door. As you level your breathing till it’s thin and undetectable, you feel a pressure as though the walls were encroaching on your deepest thoughts. You extend your hands in front of your face, but see nothing. You slowly wave them around to discover it seems endless in your personal midnight reprieve.

Gently your eyelashes caress your skin, which reminds you that your eyes are closed, but the darkness remains unchanging as if they were open. Your senses have become misleading and useless. An invisible weight descends and clings to your figure. Time escapes from this enchanting state. Still, it’s too much to handle.

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