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I Can But I Won't, I Can't But I Will.1

By Rosalie, Maryville, TN

He was just so beautiful. His big hand ruffled his bronze hair, leaving a cute mess. He was perfect. He was a new guy; I had never seen him before. His amber eyes reflected fluoresces, making the twinkle visible from 10 feet away. His lips curved up, and his dimples came out as he laughed along with his new friends. His deep red Hollister shirt stood out, fitting his muscular body. My eyes eagerly took his images in, locking them into my memory, unwilling to release them anytime soon.

“Earth to Jane, earth to Jane.” Justin called. He added in a whisper, “Who are you staring at today?” He was joking, of course. His eyes skimmed through the cafeteria, searching to find the gold. I smiled, knowing he would never be able to find my crush out of the 300 other juniors. I glanced at our bracelets. Our aunt gave them to us when we were born.

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