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Why did i write this song?

By Sania, aroura, CO

i feel like the world is crashing down on me, are you my enemy?!
school fights? friends? best friends? i think not!
why do teachers try and calm us down? we still dont like each other. im breaking free...my own person. no one can stop me now.
let them hate. i appreciate. spread my name around the school?!?! you do need the fame?!?!?
im sorry your mistaken s

is NOT my name!
i find myself a simply complex girl. does this life make any sense?!?!?!
i think not.
i woke up this morning my cell blew up.
i dont care about the latest gossip. just let it drop
let it go and free fall
into the black pit of black nothingness.
i am chlostrophobic. i feel like the world is closing in on me.

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