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Immaturity To The Max

By MyTeacherMadeMeDoIt, Grand Haven, MI

“Hey want a turd?” I yelled to Stephanie as I casually chucked a chocolate chip at her.

“Wait, what?” dunk it hit her square in the nose. She swung her head back and forth a couple times ruffling her shoulder length brown hair. The whole lunch table burst out in a ground shaking laughter. By the time we had settled down I had already thrown more “turds” at everyone. Almost all of them landing on the floor, and a couple coming back at me. I had planned on sharing my chocolate chips because the lunch table I have decided to call mine is a very sharing community! So in turn I had approximately a handful of chocolate chips.

“Can I have a turd?” Katie asked. She held out her hand for one but of course I chucked it at her head instead.

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